Mining facility in Bosnia

Hi Everyone,

I am trilled to join the Balkan crypto community! :slight_smile:

Apologies if the topic has already been discussed in some of the existing thread, but it it is difficult for me to follow them as I do not speak your language (yet:).

Basically, I have recently moved to Croatia because of the heavy crypto taxation in my home country and stumbled upon information about the appealing electricity costs in BiH. I am considering to purchase few miners and I would love to find a place in BiH where I could plug them in.

Do you know if there is any mining company or reputable person, willing to rent few square meters of their mining facilities? I would of course cover the monthly electricity costs as well as agreed lease. It will mostly probably be 1-3 mining machines so not really a big deal.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions.



what is power usage and place req?

Hello, and welcome to our community @CryptoCave28

I think you can easily find someone to assist you with your idea, and if i find someone i will point them to you :wink:

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Power usage will depend on the purchased miner, which I have not figured out yet which exact miner/s I will be purchasing. But assuming between 1500 - 3000 Wh if that helps. To be honest I am fairly new into crypto mining.
In terms of the place, it does not matter as much but I am located more on the south of Croatia so ideally up to Sarajevo and down to south of the country.

hvala lijepa:)


or let’s say from Zenica to south and/or west :slight_smile:

I will share this post to all of my friends, and ofc community at discord/telegram!

Its cool that someone used our #crypto-ba-worldwide:en category :smiley:


Thanks @rux happy to be the pioneer :smiley:


So we are crypto friendly country… wuhuu


Prije crypto unregulated country :smiley:

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Tu sam ako treba prostor,prostor dajem djaba vase je samo struju rijesavat pozdrav novi travnik


kolko bi roki davala meni 1050 ti, mali mi govorio da to pocnem rudarit sta cu nema se

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